Dead To Rights: Retribution - Here's An All Out Action Video Game!

Dead to Rights: Retribution is an action video game played in the third person. It features Officer Jack Slate of the Grant City Police along with his able canine companion named Shadow.

The Dead to Rights: Retribution game begins with Jack having already arrived at a dock off a tugboat, collapsing. Grant City Triad members are out to kill him in revenge for past events.

Jack's dog Shadow, ferociously attacks all the members and brutally kills them all as they try to attack Jack on his way to meet an EMT and friend called Faith Sands. At the bar that they meet he recounts the game's story so far.

He flashes back in time to the Temple Tower terrorist takeover, where he charges in against Captain Inness orders, saves hostages and kills Union gang members. He pursues the gang's leader Riggs to the roof where he flees in a futuristic helicopter, and Jack's convinced that Riggs has some kind of military training seeing as the Union were well organised and all armed.

Swat Captain Redwater a friend of both he and his father Frank Slate, saves Jack from being fired for disobeying Captain Inness's orders, and takes Jack along with companion Shadow to follow up a lead concerning Riggs.

They uncover plans but come under gunfire upon the arrival of Redwater and his accompanying SWAT team. They await for more SWAT team members to arrive, then Jack and Frank split up to pursue a Triad member and Riggs.

Although Jack successfully manages to arrest the Triad, he stumbles across his wounded father Frank nearby. Faith arrives and does everything possible to save Frank, but his wounds are fatal. Jack brutally beats up the Triad and goes in search of why his father was killed.

He discovers Riggs is a member of Julian Temple's newly established GAC, short for Grant City Anti-Crime Unit, which has city approval to deal with crime in various ways, going against standard protocol and ethics.

Many more fights ensue as the game takes on many twists and turns throughout. Including near the end where Redwater and Jack stealing a knife from each other, Redwater ends up falling to his death.

The dead to rights: retribution game concludes with Faith and Jack in attendance at Frank's funeral. With Shadow at his side, he gazes out looking over Grant City. It won't be long now before they're both re-united, he solemnly swears to his father. So ends this action packed, single player, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game.