Microgaming Live Baccarat Features

Microgaming has taken gaming up a notch with upgrades of their waging games which will definitely give you an immersing gaming experience. Of course, the Microgaming Live Baccarat also experienced this upgrade, and now it will give you a whole new feel of the game as well as the compelling graphics and interface of the game while offering you a wider variety of options in your convenience and for you to have an optimum experience.

There are currently 2 games which will be served to you which include multi-player mode and the dragon bonus baccarat. Both games are dealt from an 8 Deck shoe with Tie, Player and Banker Bets. There's also 5% commission for the banker win for the two games. The former offers lucky pair side bets while the latter offers dragon bonus bet on player or the banker margin.

Also, the standard or conventional payouts apply for both games - 8: 1 for the Tie Bets, 1:1 for the Player Bets and 1:1 with less 5% for the Banker bets. Also, to give you the optimum experience you want, there are varieties of features which were added to the game which will definitely give you more choices for your gaming experience.

There's an 'Add table' where you'll be able to play another game at the same time and you may also detach the video now or use it at full screen depending on what you want. Although, you will not be able to chat or play for free, the added features of the live gaming will surely be more than enough to make up for it.

Topped with all this new and amazing features, you will surely have an immersing and optimum gaming experience here in microgaming live baccarat.