Mature video games defeat other exotic adults-only platforms

Adults-Only Video Games

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has been religiously regulating any and all online games that is established in the USA since it was formed in the early 90's. It has developed a system, which is similar to the MPAA's, that categorically classifies age-appropriate games for different age groups. It also lists definite examples of content that's potentially offensive or violent. The ESRB also discusses product negotiations with developers so their options can have higher ratings and be more accessible to the general public. Usually, if a game has large amounts of questionable content, it is either modified or cancelled for release. There are developers, however, that stand firm in their mature video games. In such cases, an Adults-only rating is given. This rating has only been given 23 times for the past 18 years.

Nobody really talks about mature video games. Different from an X rating, which has some mystery and allure to the name, mature video games are not very accepted. In today's society, they are considered embarrassing, and people known to play them are looked down upon. The options themselves are also disappointing. There is not a lot of originality in this industry. The games are usually just a version of another existing one, albeit more explicit and has a different name and established by a different developer. There are options that have cartoon sexuality and may not be suitable to access when in the workplace. These games make Japanese orgies pale in comparison. Most of them are only available because of its commercial success, while some have been withdrawn from the market because of pressure from the government. However, there are gamers who, at one point, get curious about AO rating video games.