Online Vs Live Poker Players

Aside from competition between different live gaming studios for waging online or live, there's also the undying and still unsolved debate encompassing, online vs live poker players.

When the online poker emerged by the year 1990, it also came with the division of the players of the game - to online and offline. And it has been a question and a debate of whoever possesses more skill as a player. Are those playing online better? Or will they be conquered if they ever played with the offline or live players?

The live players often say that those who play the game online only relies on math and software and wouldn't possibly be able to understand a 'tell' even if it already hits them on the face. The online players, of course didn't back down and have remarked that live players doesn't understand the game theory nor are they efficient in math concerned with the game which was the reason they have mocked the quality of online players.

While this has become an evident debate, great and renowned players understand that both games are not the same and require a set of skills different from each other, though some skills needed for them may overlap with another. Also, it doesn't mean that if one is great on live game, they will excel as well on online or the other way around. This further indicates the evident difference between the two games.

The online players, although this was already a strong notion, still reflected it and remarked that live players are still not better and do not have full understanding of the fundamentals of the game. But, according to a research and experiment, it showed that online players of the game are not that high above the live players. What they are better evidently was regarding themselves as higher players of the game and thinking that they have a better hold at controlling the outcome of the game with the math they have mentioned.

But there were still evidences that showed facts about online players being tougher. This is because even though they are basically in an environment they can control more, they are still faced with a lot tougher gaming experience.

The bottom line is, both the world of online gaming and live gaming are different and each player are definitely praiseworthy for their own achievements. Whether one is an offline player, online player, or both, he still deserves to be respected for their respective skills and knowledge.