Playboy Live Dealer Casino by Microgaming

On 2013, Microgaming has declared the inauguration of Playboy Live Dealer Casino.

The Playboy is an iconic and renowned adult brand while Microgaming is a software development company who is the leading and on top of its industry if it is about online gambling.

To expand its presence and influence in the online gaming industry, Hugh Hefner's iconic and supposed lifestyle brand which he made known in 1953, will force 97 percent awareness of his world renowned brand to Millions of Facebook users and monthly extraordinary visitors to

The Playboy Live Dealer gaming studio released by Microgaming, will elicit the natural, original classy and sumptuous appearance of the club of Playboy accompanied with the signature bunny costume of playboy worn by the dealers which will definitely give you an immersing and unique gaming experience.

The mentioned live dealer studio of playboy will also give you the games circumscribing a full suite of choices like baccarat, blackjack and roulette which is now available with operators from Microgaming to ensure your experience to be at its optimum.

Also, the agreement governing the live dealer studio includes the making of a video slot for real money, which will allow you to have a more live experience unique from other games.

Both the company also released statements claiming that the partnership they got involved in is something that is great and will definitely have a positive impact on each of them. They are both proud of the partnership and are extending their excitement to their users and clients.