Reservoir Dogs The Game - Does It Really Do The Movie Any Justice?

For those gamers out there looking for a companion piece for Quentin Tarantino's cult-classic movie Reservoir Dogs, one can only say the new video game that goes under the same title is rather disappointing.

Reservoir Dogs the video game, falls short of the mark. it doesn't stand out as a good all round action game, some would even go as far as saying that it's even a total failure.

As has been seen many times over, messing with classic movies to adapt into video games doesn't always offer the scintillating experience that one is expecting and can sometimes be a dicey prospect at best.

Sure sometimes against the odds, everything works out fine, sometimes even better than expected. Unfortunately other times however one ends up participating in a hollow action game. A game with unremarkable gameplay that's simply used the movie's name to catch the gamers attention, and ends up upsetting or offending.

The original movie is about a gang of blasphemous robbers trying to sniff out the snitch amongst their team, after their jewel heist goes decidedly wrong.

There is many a question left unanswered by the movie's end, and this third person video game's sole purpose would appear to be to expand upon these questions. Problem is none of its answers are really of much interest and merely serve to put the player fan through a series of clunky, boring disorderly shooter levels, complete with exasperating driving sequences.

As a movie it told the tale of a salty old mobster and his son, Joe Cabot and Nice Guy Eddie, who assembled a group of unassuming crooks named Mr. Blonde, Mr. White, Mr. Blue, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange and Mr. Brown. This colorful crew planned and executed a jewel heist but were forced to flee the scene due to the arrival of several cops.

With a set-up being suspected, the player learns one by one, the events leading up to the crews formation, the actual heist, and the ultimate breakdown through a completely non-connected storyline.

Reservoir Dogs the game, recounts the same tale in general although with less dialogue and exposition so as to set things up as they should be. There are many of major scenes from the movie with CG cutscenes, but if ones not seen the movie they'll be totally confused. A game best left for the connoisseur perhaps?