Welcome Bonus for Canadian Casinos

Canadian casino players at volatilegames.com would be pleased to wager in a casino that offers some form of a welcome bonus to maximize on their betting experience.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

Bonuses play a huge role in attracting new customers. They are a great way for a casino to say "hello" to new players. Most times, players are rewarded immediately after their first deposit. They have become a mandatory requirement of each casino and a concept being widely spread and accepted. Introductory offers are used by casino operators to lure players into the various casino deals on offer as well as motivate them into considering their site for wagering. Players will find plenty of online casinos for Canada by visiting casino510 and can learn about the different types of welcome packages and choose a site to register an account with to start playing games for real money.

Why is it a Good Thing?

It doesn't matter whether you are a new casino player or an experienced player, welcome offers from Canadian casinos are a good way to get acquainted with the brand. Sometimes building a bankroll can take a lot of time and patience so finding a generous casino willing to give you a push as you get started. Bonuses have the power to multiply your intended deposit which is a great boost.

Welcome Bonuses Types for Canadian casinos:

Match Deposit: While there are a couple of different types in the market, the most preferred type is cash match deposit bonuses. Match deposit offers usually give a % bonus amount up to a certain amount deposited by the player. The % range from 50 to 200% but some big casinos can offer even 500%.

Welcome Packages: Welcome package is not a single introductory bonus but a series of offerings to a new client after sign up. The most common type of a welcome package is offers for the first 3 deposits although they could be more.

Free Play: Some casinos choose to offer play credits to their players which they are expected to redeem within a particular frame of time. Some casinos are so generous that even after receiving any of the above-mentioned bonuses, players get the luxury of earning an extra bonus from choosing a specific payment method.

Factors to consider when claiming a Casino Welcome Bonus:

  1. The casino site's validity
  2. The wagering requirements
  3. Time stamp on the offer
  4. Understand the nature of the bonus if it is cash or non-cash